Ready to Buy? I Can Help

The Buyer process

Whether your upcoming investment represents a big life transition or a strategic acquisition, I can help create a plan to suit your needs. It is important you choose a strong agent who can help you navigate through the maze of today’s market from start to finish. Whether it is questions about financing, negotiations, escrow, inspections or the final closing, I am here to help in every step along the way.

Know your local environment

To enable you get the best deal when buying, make sure you look at many critical local factors. These include, recent sold prices for similar homes, average difference between the asking price and sold price and average days on market for similar properties. Start thinking about what your bottom and top line prices are and what your biggest priorities are before the negotiation even begins. Being prepared and educated is only going to help get you the best deal.


Below is a flow chart to help my buyers navigate through this crucial process.


buyer process